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Guitar Store Instrument Buyers Guide

Buying a musical instrument can be confusing mostly because most music stores today have wide range of instruments with some being highly sophisticated. Buying a guitar or amplifier is even more confusing. Guitar makers use a range of hardware, wood, design elements among other materials thus giving a buyer many issues to consider. Remember, ultimately you want to buy a highly durable , one which will complement the type of music you play as well as compliment your personality. Thus,this buying guide seeks to tell you all the factors you must think about when you step into that guitar store.

Your budget

Think about how much you are willing to spend on the guitar or amplifier and weight against the benefits that the instrument is likely to give you. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying a guitar. It is possible to get a good long lasting guitar for a small amount. However, if you are a professional guitar player, then you are in a better position to spend heavily to acquire a sophisticated instrument like an electric acoustic guitar since you need to impress potential customers. Thus, the bottom line is to think of the price of the instrument against the benefits.

What is the body of the guitar

If you are buying from a large guitar store, you are most likely to buy one of the three types of guitar body; classic, jumbo or dreadnought. As a beginner, these terms might sound confusing; all you need to know is that the body affects the size of the guitar. Tonal quality of several music instruments including the guitar depends on the size. Thus, a guitar with a large body has better bass resonance cavity. On the other hand, one with a small body tent to be more treble. Ultimately, the kind of music you play or desire to play will affect the choice of guitar. If you prefer playing solo, then you might be interested in a guitar that will give you high frets range.

Play the guitar at the guitar store

If you have experience in playing guitar, then it will be easy for you to know a good guitar. However, as a beginner, never go to the guitar store alone. Many of these stores have aggressive sales men paid on commission who can say anything to sell a product including giving false information. Thus go with a friend or sibling who knows about guitars and can spot a faulty guitar easily. Try to fret several notes on the instrument. Do you find the strings easy to push downwards against the fretboard?, if not forget it. Ensure your guitar does not have any buzzing sound. A good way to know this is to play through an amplifier. If there is a clear and undisturbed sound coming from the amplifier, then that is a good guitar. Make sure you are comfortable with the guitar you choose, you will be playing it for long hours. Have fun trying many different instruments until you find the perfect one.

What wood is the guitar made of?

Another thing you need to look out for at the guitar shop is the type of wood used in making the guitar. Like the body, different types of wood give different tonal balances. Different woods have varying vibration frequencies. An ideal guitar has its top made of sitka or spruce. These types of wood are highly durable and light. The tight and straight pattern in the wood provides strength as well as tonal consistency when your guitar vibrates. Rosewoods and Mahogany make the back and sides of most guitars. These wood types give a low end as well as balancing the mid and treble sound. This makes it easy for your guitar to blend with other musical instruments. As a beginner, you might not know the type of wood used in making a guitar at the guitar store, thus always go with someone who has some experience playing.

Don’t buy a brand, buy a quality guitar

Most people make the mistake of buying a guitar because it is a popular brand. Firstly, popular brand guitars tend to be expensive for nor reason. If you are a beginner, you might find most popular brands complicated to learn and use. Thus, pick a guitar that is within your price range, is perfect for your kind of music and also perfect for your skill level. As an amateur, you don’t require an expensive guitar thus start with a simple one. Look out for visible faults in the guitar , inspect the tuning keys quality, and any other element you don’t feel comfortable with. Remember to look at the reviews of other customers. It might not be possible to get the reviews from the guitar store but you can leave the store, do a little research and come back later.